Where can I get a free domain?

Getting a free TLD (Top Level Domain) or ccTLD (country code TLD) is not practical now.

Getting a free subdomain is practical and works as well as a TLD in practice.

If you already have a domain, such as mydomain.tld, then you can add in three NS records for any sub domain, such as for test.mydomain.tld, with NS records ns1.hostfurl.com, ns2.hostfurl.com and ns3.hostfurl.com.

eu.org has been going since 1996 and offers free custom nameserver pointing for eu.org subdomains, including country specific ones.

For example, for Australia, you could apply for mydomain.au.eu.org (if it is available). If granted, then you use subdomain mydomain.au.eu.org for hosting with Hostfurl and even create further subdomains, such as test.mydomain.au.eu.org (with or without nameserver NS records) with Hostfurl. You can even change their names later, on Hostfurl, to mydomain.tld and test.mydomian.tld, if you want to keep the Hostfurl hosting account but use other domain names. Or you can just add in other domains to the same Hostfurl hosting account.

Below is image of how to fill in custom nameserever part on nic.eu.org to use with Hostfurl hosting. They take a few days to process applications.

If the hosting account has not been set up then make sure the ‘check for correctness’ is for ‘server names’ only (the first button.)