Can I use DNS glue records for my domain along with DNSSEC with Hostfurl?

Yes, you can use both domain glue records and DNSSEC.

Although using glue records for a domain is commonly used by vanity domains, it also makes sense if you feel the need to use DNSSEC.

First chose a registrar that allows DS records to use DNSSEC. There is more information about DNSSEC in ‘Can I use DNSSEC with Hostfurl?’ answer. Hostfurl, as an acting registrar, does not enter DS records.

Enter glue records for your domain for NS records. You only need three IPv4 glue records, NOT both three IPv4 and three IPv6 records.

A fourth IPv4 is optional and is available after hosting is set up.

The following three commands will give you the three IPv4 address to use

dig +short
dig +short
dig +short

You should inform Hostfurl is you are using glue records or the fourth optional NS record, as you will need to be put on a special mailing list.