Can I use DNSSEC with Hostfurl?

If your DNS registrar supports a DS record for your domain and Hostfurl is not your acting registrar, then yes, you can.

Hostfurl does not enable automatic setup of DNSSEC records. You can enable DNSSEC individually for any DNS enabled domain yourself, if you want, on a Hostfurl control panel (DNS Settings, DNS Options, DNSSEC signature enabled, Yes)

Also, at the registrar level, you need to add a single DS record using data provided by the Hostfurl panel.

However, like everyone else says, you are on your own. If you get into trouble that you cannot solve yourself then Hostfurl expects you to turn off DNSSEC. This means removing a DS record from your registrar and disabling DNSSEC signatures for your domain on Hostfurl.

Please do not turn on DNSSEC if Hostfurl is your acting registrar as Hostfurl will not add in the required DS record at the registrar level and Hostfurl does not provide a form for you to do this.

The domain is set up with DNSSEC. Below is a copy of DNSSEC status and authentication chain for, as provided by