Does Hostfurl stop SPAM being sent by Hostfurl customers?

Yes. Hostfurl stops SPAM outgoing mail being sent by customers. Incoming mail to customers detected as SPAM is passed to a spam folder.

Hostfurl staff do not read customer emails (sent or received) and will only look at contents of an email if a SPAM receiver makes a complaint or a Hostfurl customer volunteers to attach the email as file to an ongoing support ticket, of the email that was flagged as SPAM. Please note if an email is DKIM signed then email integrity can be confirmed.

Hostfurl make use of industry standard software to provide a SPAM score of outgoing as well as incoming email. Various tests are made and a score is calculated. A record of the email contents is not retained in the reporting system if flagged as SPAM. What is recorded is the reported sender, receiver, date/time, subject, the tests passed/failed, a final score, and if sent through a Hostfurl email account, the account name.

A TOS (Term of Service) requirement is that Hostfurl customers do not send SPAM (unsolicited marketing or promotional email) and if SPAM is sent then a suspension will get placed on sending from the domain used, even if the automatic outgoing SPAM detection system rejected emails from being sent. Hostfurl would expect to view multiple such records if an automated mailing website or tool is used that exploits a Hostfurl email account. To get the suspension released, Hostfurl request customers volunteer an explanation and a plan to prevent repetition.

While this detection is currently not automated, it is expected it will be automated.

The SPAM detection system is not perfect and it can be regarded as unfair if an unusual context is used. However, it is easy to avoid getting email flagged as SPAM, no matter what the context is.

If a complaint is made and it is obvious false and misleading content was used to avoid SPAM detection then it is likely a sending suspension will remain not only on the domain but a sending suspension will also be placed on any other domains in the account, in order to protect Hostfurl, its customers and its providers from potential damaging action: such as reputational and other damage from a sending IP address ban and the time for remedial action to take effect.

Hostfurl expects a typical complaint would be that an email receiver did not sign up to receive marketing or promotional emails from a Hostfurl customer or that the Hostfurl customer did not take them off a mailing list. Given how important consent is, we expect Hostfurl customers to retain all emails confirming consent, to use double opt-in and to provide us with such evidence of consent, if they wish to challenge a complainant.

We also expect Hostfurl customers to ensure their internal processes work sufficiently well to ensure a request for removal from a mailing list is acted upon straight away. Hostfurl will accept a screenshot of a removal request through a web form with a confirmatory message as sufficient evidence of a removal request. A follow up message confirming removal and thanking for interest is acceptable and a way of confirming the removal request is genuine or not an accident.