What happens a domain if a hosting plan is cancelled?

If Hostfurl IS NOT the acting registrar then your domain is not with Hostfurl and it is your responsibility to point the domain where you want.

If Hostfurl IS the acting registrar and you have no hosting accounts with Hostfurl, then you will be able to update custom nameservers. This is not likely what you will want in the long term.

Hostfurl only allows full DNS changes through a hosting account. With custom nameservers, the rest of your DNS changes will need to made elsewhere.

Here are some choices:

  1. Transfer the domain using an EPP code to a registrar other than the one Hostfurl uses for your domain
  2. Make a support request for Hostfurl to transfer the domain to another account on the same registrar that Hostfurl uses for your domain. This is free. Since account creation is free, you can create your own account.
  3. If transferring to an acting registrar that uses the same registrar as Hostfurl for your domain then you will need to follow their guidance, such as you letting Hostfurl know what registrar account to transfer to.